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⚠️ This project is in the experimental phase. The API may change any time.

WebZ is a library that aims to abstract calls to different WebServices (in HTTP or SOAP).

It automatically handles caching, events and parsing results to an array.

$bus = WebServiceBus::builder()
    ->withTransport(new HttpTransport())
    ->withTransport(new SoapTransport())
    ->withCache(new SomeCacheStore())
    ->withEventDispatcher(new SomeEventsDispatcher())

// Synchronous
$foo = $bus->call(new GetFooWebService(123));

// Asynchronous
$promises = $bus->callAsync(
    new GetFooWebService(123),
    new GetFooWebService(456),

foreach ($promises as $promise) {
    $foo = $promise->wait();