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Async transport

A transport can implement the \CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Transport\AsyncTransport interface to send payloads asynchronously.

use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Result\RawResult;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Transport\AsyncTransport;
use GuzzleHttp\Promise\PromiseInterface;

class MyTransport implements AsyncTransport
    public function send(object $payload): ?RawResult
        return $this->sendAsync($payload, null)->wait();

    public function sendAsync(object $payload, ?string $asyncCallHash): ?PromiseInterface
        // If the payload is not supported by this transport
        // it must return null
        if (!$payload instanceof MyPayload) {
            return null;

        return $this->someService
            // The promise must return an instance of RawResult
            ->then(fn(SomResponse $res) => RawResult::ok($res->toArray()));