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You can subscribe to some events sent from the Bus.

It can be used to add logging for example.

You will need to install an event library that implements PSR-14 (Event Dispatcher).

You can find one on Packagist.

For example with symfony/event-dispatcher:

use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Bus\WebServiceBus;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Event\BeforeCallEvent;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Event\FailedCallEvent;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Event\SuccessfulCallEvent;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Http\HttpTransport;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Soap\SoapTransport;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher;

$dispatcher = new EventDispatcher();

$bus = WebServiceBus::builder()
    ->withTransport(new HttpTransport())
    ->withTransport(new SoapTransport())

    function (BeforeCallEvent $event) {
        // This event is dispatched before a WebService is called

    function (FailedCallEvent $event) {
        // This event is dispatched when the call failed

    function (SuccessfulCallEvent $event) {
        // This event is dispatched when the call had no error

$place = $bus->call(new GetPlace(123));

echo $place->name();