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WebZ comes with an HTTP and a SOAP transports — you may add your own if needed.

A transport is a class that implements \CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Transport\Transport.

The send method accepts an object payload that you need to test for compatibility.

use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Result\RawResult;
use CuyZ\WebZ\Core\Transport\Transport;

class MyTransport implements Transport
    public function send(object $payload): ?RawResult
        // If the payload is not supported by this transport
        // it must return null
        if (!$payload instanceof MyPayload) {
            return null;

        try {
            $raw = $this->someService->call($payload->someMethod(...));

            // For a successful call
            // $raw must be an array
            return RawResult::ok($raw);
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            // For a failed call
            return RawResult::err($e);

You then need to register it in the Bus:

$bus = WebServiceBus::builder()
    // The order is important, transports are tried in order
    // and the first compatible one is called.
    ->withTransport(new MyTransport())
    ->withTransport( ... )

$foo = $bus->call(new GetFooWebService(123));